Friday, November 16, 2012

learn english conversation

English conversation is quite different from English reading.  Conversation uses a different type of English, including different vocabulary.
English conversation vocabulary is much more casual.  In English, this means we use more words of Saxon or Old English origin during conversation.  We also use more phrasal verbs (two or three word verbs).
The difference between conversation and more formal English is one reason that even “advanced” students have difficulty with everyday conversations.
The problem is that students learn more formal English in school.  Formal English tends to use more words of French & Latin origin.  This kind of English is, in fact, much easier for students who speak Romance languages such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, or French.  These students often do quite well when reading English, but have a lot of trouble understanding normal speech.
So, if you want to communicate with native speakers its very important to learn English conversation– not just textbooks and reading.
To learn conversation, you must listen to more casual English and you must learn the different vocabulary and patterns used in normal speech.
In my lessons, I always focus on real English conversation and I use the vocabulary of common speech.  Another great source of casual English conversation is film.  Listen to American and English movies and read the subtitles.  This will also help you.
Finally, my friends Kristin and Joe are working on some very exciting projects.  They are recording real conversations with their friends and family.  In fact, Kristin and Joe are already finished recording over 30 real conversations.
Next, they’ll send these recordings to be transcribed– so you’ll have the text for all of them.  Then they’ll make lessons based on the vocabulary in the conversations– including idioms and slang.  For example, they’ll use the Listen & Answer technique to guarantee you learn the vocabulary and grammar deeply.
These lessons are scheduled to be released on November 1st.  The title of these lessons is simple and direct. They’re calling them “Learn Real English“.

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