Sunday, November 25, 2012

learn english conversation: At The Restaurant

WAITER: Good Evening sir, welcome to our restaurant.
GUEST: Good Evening!
WAITER: Please be seated, I’m just bringing a glass of water for you.
GUEST: Thanks!
WAITER: What would you like to have sir ?
GUEST: What’s your specialty ?
WAITER: We are known for a delicious Chinese food.
GUEST: Please bring one plate Manchurian with Fried Rice.
WAITER: Kindly wait, your order will be delivered within 5-10 minutes.
WAITER: (After Five Minutes) Here is your order sir.
GUEST: Please bring one Coke also.

WAITER: Yes sir.
GUEST: (After having the meal) The food was quite good and your service also.
WAITER: Thanks a lot!
GUEST: Please bring the bill.
WAITER: Here is the bill sir.
GUEST: This is your bill and tip also.
WAITER: Thank you, please do visit next time and have very wonderful night.
GUEST: I will.

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